When you truly release conditions around how things happen, you will then experience the true magical power of this universe.

By conditioning, we are beings that desire control. We desire to avoid embarrassment. We desire to avoid failure. We desire to look good in the eyes of others. We desire for things to follow our specific plans because we are somewhat full of ourselves.

And why shouldn’t we be? We are the most consciously aware beings on this planet. But yet… we are also taken in by the illusion. The illusion that what we see with our eyes is real.

What our senses perceive has been given the term “reality”, and stepping away from that and believing in something else has been given the term “delusional”.

If only, we realized, it was the other way around. If only, we could step back a bit, and loosen the grip on life, and allow the universe to do what it’s been doing for billions of years – way before we were here: perfect creation.

When consciousness entered into the human body, its expanded focus was collapsed into survival. As we gained awareness, our focus expanded… but we are still nowhere near the infinite field of conscious awareness. So to think we know everything and how it should be, is to force infinite consciousness back into a collapsed channel.

Allow freedom in your life, and you will create it for yourself.

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