There are stories that are going on in your life right now. Stories that you’ve told yourself about how things should be.

We all usually have very similar stories, because of our collective consciousness, and well, the internet.

So all of a sudden we’re all going around saying things like:
–> But I need to warm up my audience first or else ________________
–> But I need to send this email or ____________________
–> But I can’t go on vacation without at least automating something or _________
–> But I can’t just be present, because what if _______________
–> But I can’t sell at that price because __________________
–> But I need to be SURE of this first because _____________________

The above stories, and whatever else you add to that list… they make up your world. They make up the reasons of your frustration, and because we get so caught up in them, we sometimes forget, that it’s as simple as just letting go of the story.

Take a look at the above, and ask yourself… are these stories really true?

It can be easy to look back at the evidence and declare that these are true, but remember – the evidence only showed up when you decided these were true in the first place.

What other stories are you holding about yourself, or things you wish to do?

What would you do if you knew you could change your mind anytime and not get fixed into it?

You are safe. You can change your mind. It’s safe to change. It’s safe to just be.

The abundance you desire to have in your life, the health, relationships, the dream business… all of this comes down to the story you’re writing about them.

When we have a thought or story about something over and over, it becomes a fixed program – now that program is running your life when you’re moving 95% on automatic.

There are many ways to change this programming that we can share with you… but the first step is to catch the story so it loses it’s power.

We’ve been there… sometimes we still get lost there. It’s hard to feel like you know what you’re doing when there are so many people doing it, in so many different ways.

But truly, from our hearts to yours, there’s a way to turn off all that noise and start hearing your soul speak louder, so you can start unlocking abundance.

Decide right now to do the soul thing… even if it scares you.