Okay, so let’s talk vision boards. We’ve had a vision board in our room since 2015 (some of the same images are literally still on there). Vision boards help you stay focused on what you desire to achieve. It’s easy to get caught up in your day to day life, and kind of forget your goals  and dreams for a while. Your vision board helps you stay up-to-date with your energy surrounding your dreams.

When creating your vision board, make sure you’re truly taking the time to sit back and think about this. As much as this is a fun activity, the energy behind each component, quote, image is really important. Your mind will likely run to all the cliche things first: car, house, vacations… but dig deeper here.

Research some images, make a list of all the things you wish to accomplish, maybe select ten things and then start looking up images. You can even watch some DIY videos on YouTube as well as Vision Board Party videos to get some inspiration on how others have created their vision boards.

A little tip: Instead of using cardboard, grab one of those bulletin boards and just start putting up images using pins. It’s SO much easier when you want to change or alter anything instead of having to redo the whole thing again. But if you rather just go with the cardboard that’s okay too!

Once you’re clear on ten things, now you can start searching for the best images to represent each thing. Here are some great things to journal or research about to get you started. What images best represent the following:

– Travel: Where, with who, how do you want to fly?

– Business: Images that represent happy clients/customers, images of success

– Dream Home: front, side, lawn, staircase. Backyard? House design? Kitchen size?

– Car: Model, color; which image shows off details the best?

– Relationships: You can put up current relationships or images that represent a future happy relationship you desire.

– Health: Dream body, how active are you, workout images? Healthy food?

– Lifestyle: Dogs? Cats? Private jets? House parties? Family time? Kids?

– Money: Images of cash, a check for the amount you wish to earn, wealth images.

– Quotes/Words: Abundance, Gratitude, “Follow Your Bliss”

BUT WAIT – before you go gluing these down on your cardboard, or pinning them on your bulletin board, read the next part!


We were lounging around on our swing yesterday, and just looking at our vision board, when we realized… that unknowingly somewhere we were always comparing ourselves to it. A vision board is supposed to stir up high emotions such as love, excitement gratitude… it was NOT supposed to create feelings of pressure, lack, or insecurity.

How many times have you walked past your vision board and felt disappointment that you hadn’t achieved something yet? Please don’t do that to yourself.

You want to make sure that you’re truly tapping into all the right feelings or that vision board isn’t helping you. So what can we do about this? Well, we decided, that it felt blissful and light to remove some images from our vision board – especially the ones that were too specific.

It’s almost like we created a space for abundance and health and love to flow through freely instead of constricting it to too many little channels. So we removed our specifics such as: Number of followers, number of clients, reduced dream cars to just one, dream vacation spots to just one place… basically, we knocked off the pressure and clutter.

Now everyone is different, you may actually feel more inspired having everything on there, in a very specific way, and if that’s you then keep doing that. It has to feel good to you. But for us, we realized the more specific we got the more constricted we felt. It felt better to just have images on there that felt expansive instead of specific numbers. The only specific number we have on there is our monthly income in a form of a check – that too without any specific channel that it has to come through.

So, make sure at the end of every week or month, you’re looking closely at how this vision board makes you feel and alter it as needed. It should sing and feel free and expansive! That feeling may change every week and that’s okay. No one said this had to be a one-time thing. You are always changing, and it’s safe to change. So it’s safe to change your vision board too.

Eventually, you will get to know yourself really well… and you’ll know exactly what it is that you desire.


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