Being on this law of attraction journey, you come across a lot of things- one of them being overload of information.

For the longest time, we followed one simple method to manifestation. And for the longest time, it worked. But what happens when you feel like searching for something new? Studying something new? Learning an easier, less effortless way?

You embark on this journey of finding someone you resonate with… someone who has what you want, or at least makes you feel good. Someone you look up to and admire.

You quickly realize there are a LOT out there that you could follow… so you do.

You rack up your instagram followings and Facebook likes by hitting the button on all these pages. And everyday, your social media is flooded with information from different people, all the time, saying sometimes contradicting things, and you don’t even notice.

It’s funny how just because we hit the follow or like button on someone, we think we can absorb everything by osmosis.

Soon… you find yourself extremely confused and overwhelmed… and your results are lackluster at best.

So what next?


We’re so excited to share this particular part with you… because we just did this. Are you ready? The part of your brain that measures “life security” may freak out here….


That’s right. We went cold on social media for a full 7 days. Taking a deep breath and step back, to really turn to the ONE person who ALWAYS resonated with us: ourselves.

The next part might be even more tough – but it’s necessary.

For these next 7 days…. get rid of all your goals. Whaaaaattt? Yes. Get rid of them.

For the next 7 days, you have no where to be, nowhere to go. It’s just you, and this moment.

Until you don’t realize what your own heart wants, you’ll be like Winnie The Pooh, just aimlessly following anything the crosses your path.

For the next 7 days (or however long you choose to do this for), really listen to the voices in your mind. Recognize every time the voice says the words “Have to” or “You Should”.

That’s the ego. Always. The ego is the one that sets rules and boundaries in your life, caging you in and making you think that doing things YOUR way is wrong.

If you told us, that you want to write a blog everyday for the next month to grow your audience… we can promise you, that on days that your heart doesn’t truly feel like doing it, instead of acknowledging that, you’ll beat yourself up. Why? Because the ego locked you into your own words and is now making you feel bad about it.

Take some time for yourself to really take a break, go into nature, ground yourself, and ask “What Do I Really Want?”

Recognize when the ego is feeling frustrated that you’re not on the move, or working, or struggling… and then just release it.

Keep at this everyday until the ego’s voice has died down to a whisper. Until your own heart’s voice is louder. It could take you a week or a month.

In order to truly de-clutter your mind, you have to release and wipe out everything you’ve ever learned… and just BE with yourself. Stay present. Do the little things in the moment that make you happy without always searching for a result. Just be.

For all you know, all the reprogramming you were doing on yourself wasn’t showing up as results, because there was way too much clutter. Believe us when we say, reprogramming produces results FAST. But they are stopped or slowed down by too many contradicting ideas.

Your formula for the next few days: REPROGRAM LESS. DE – CLUTTER MORE.


Once you’ve de-cluttered your mind  (You’ll know because you will feel AMAZING and PRESENT and SO GOOD)… now it’s time to hear what your soul has to say.

Go back to social media and truly, pick ONE to THREE people that you REALLY truly love following. That inspire you in the RIGHT ways, and RESONATE. If like us, you don’t believe you need to “hustle” and “struggle” to achieve results, then you probably don’t want to follow marketing gurus. Really think about who’s voices you’re letting into your space.

Don’t take any action in your business yet, and just listen. Listen for your soul to show you or tell you it’s the right time. Once you act, release it. Go back to listening.

We promise you…. you’re going to find BLISS and HAPPINESS in your life like never before.

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