The following is based on our own journey. As always, follow your heart.

If you don’t know our full story or haven’t read about it… we didn’t always have our own business. In 2015 we began mentoring with Bob Proctor, and worked as his consultant selling his program.

It was the best decision we ever made, especially since we wanted to help people but had no credibility or results of our own. So it truly helped to work with someone who had what we wanted, and had built such a name. We were super successful at it earning $500,000 a year in our first year.


During this time of selling and coaching Bob Proctor’s program, we had no niche, and rightfully so. His program was perfect for anyone and everyone no matter what industry they were in. So we got such an amazing opportunity to work with marketing consultants, web designers, e-commerce business owners, real estate agents, coaches, makeup artists, psychologists, doctors, YouTubers and so many more inspiring people.


Towards the middle of 2017, we saw a pattern. We saw more coaches and consultants get drawn to our work and come to us for help. Seeing this as a sign, we decided to shift and have a niche.

We asked ourselves who we really wish to work with, and we felt because we were service-based entrepreneurs that would be the choice that fits best. So we made changes, we built funnels, and it worked like a charm.

Within a week of these changes we had our epic $25,000 day.
After this success, we wrote a short E-book about creating a niche that truly helped lots of people get clear on what they wanted.


You know exactly what we’re talking about here. It’s like everyone is coaching everyone. Everyone is writing about the same stuff, saying the same stuff, doing the same stuff. Social media was getting full of regurgitated information.

We got swooped up in it for a while too, it was a like a huge wave that came crashing down. Your creativity gets affected in this situation because there’s SO much out there. You don’t even know if your ideas are your own anymore.

So naturally… we left the space as to not hinder our creative energy. (If you want to know exactly how we de-cluttered our mind from social media, read the blog here


As we rebranded to Manifestation Magic in 2018, we kind of left the idea of a niche altogether and decided that instead of getting specific on an audience, we should get specific on what we teach.

As a result, we had a beautiful Magical brand, one that truly spoke to our hearts, and the doors open to anyone and everyone who wished to be a part of it.

No struggle… just a pure, relaxed, knowing that we are taken care of.


Lesson number one: It’s safe to change your mind. No one can actually judge you but you. If you need to change your mind, change it.

Lesson number two: Don’t stop changing your mind until it’s perfect. It could take one change or ten. Keep going until it feels perfect.

Lesson number three: A niche works if it feels right. If not, you don’t need one. It worked when we didn’t have it, it worked when we had it. Follow your heart.

Lesson number four: When choosing a niche, choose it because it feels right, not because it makes sense, or it’s what everyone else was doing.

Lesson number five: Step away when you need to. When you don’t have an answer, don’t force one. Step away and have the right answer come to you.

The Universe sent us a sign when a niche was right. And then it sent us a sign to get rid of it. We followed both these commands and won. It could happen differently for you so pay attention to your heart. Logically what we did makes no sense. From the outside it could look indecisive. But it was the right move. Both times. Release the need to make sense of what the Universe is asking you to do… you will do it much more freely.


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