We’ve all felt it right? That feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you think something is wrong, and then your brain goes off on a rampage trying to find what’s making it feel this way so it can STOP the anxiety.

Why does that even happen to us? There’s an explanation. There’s also a way to make it stop, or at least, have serious control over it. But it’s going to take a bit of time and practice on your end.


Say hello to your ego. Your ego… is not you. It’s the voice coming out of your subconscious programming as well as unconscious shadows. It’s the part of you that needs validation. The part of you that needs people to notice you. The part of you that needs those likes and comments on Facebook to know your content is good.

We live in a celebrity obsessed world today, and we are such pros at making life look beautiful on the outside; unfortunately for 97% of the world, life is hollow on the inside.

What’s the point of all of this social media interaction if it’s just going to make us feel like crap about ourselves? What’s the point of earning money if we’re always going to compare it to someone who has more? What’s the point of that house or car if it makes you feel superior to others?

Your ego tells you one big lie: That you NEED things. That you need things to feel good. You don’t. You were born out of divine essence and you were born perfect. You are not separate from this Universal power.


It’s pretty obvious when your ego is trying to get your attention.

It will give you that sickly feeling in your stomach, and then you start questioning things. Your mind gets all muddled and you start feeling bad about yourself.

This world today only cares about results that it can see; so it doesn’t matter if you’ve spent the last week feeling happy and blissful and so at peace… if you didn’t earn money, your ego is coming for you. If you didn’t sign a new client, your ego is ready to let you know about it. Do you see that it’s the part of you that just doesn’t feel enough?

When did feeling calm and at peace, true happiness, become less of a result than money? When did feeling confident become less of a result than dropping a few pounds? Why do we care SO much about what’s infront of us?

The ironic thing is, if we don’t retrain ourselves to stand up for ourselves, we will keep listening to our egos… and our egos can NEVER get us those results we want. Never.

Listening to you, will get you the result you desire, with a bunch of happiness on the way. Why? Because you’re patient. You’re not here to show it off. You’re taking it day by day, following your heart. You know no one is judging you. You are only answerable to you.

Your ego does this: You should go to this networking event you haven’t signed a client all week. You should run this webinar you need to get your course or service out there now. You better make this sale that bill is coming up. Your content isn’t good enough, people are unsubscribing.


Taking away it’s power isn’t hard, if you’re willing to be mindful of your thoughts. This process might even feel scary initially for those of us that are so used to listening to our egos and being rushed all the time. But this change is necessary.

When you feel that hint of anxiety, closer your eyes and take a deep breath.

Remember…. this isn’t you… it’s the part of you that craves attention.

Sit with the feeling it gives you for a few minutes. Don’t shove it away.

Then, go in and embrace that fear. Embrace that person in you that doesn’t feel like he/she is enough. Give yourself a hug. Show yourself that you’re there for you.

Reassure yourself that there is no rush. Remind yourself to be patient.

Tune back into your heart and ask “What do I feel right now?”

**This process will feel really scary because it will mean the death of the old you. It will also have to be practiced for a while for this to become a normal habit. But the rewards are well worth it.**


We used to feel like the world came to an end when someone unsubscribed from one of our emails. It felt like the biggest thing in the world.

Over time, we have learned to become indifferent to it.

Last night, 5 people unsubscribed from our email. We felt the old, familiar feeling of “Oh they didn’t like my content” rush back. But we stopped it in it’s tracks like always.

We saw it as divine intervention, as the Universe doing us some sort of favor.

So we took it’s power away. And then, we wrote this blog – unashamed that that happened.

Because nothing can make us feel less about ourselves.

We get unsubscribes. Sometimes we get less views on YouTube. We get unfollows and unlikes on social media. We earn less some months than others. We sometimes don’t fill out our courses.

And you know what? None of it matters.


Be happy exactly where you are. Life is way too short to wait for a result to feel happy. Happiness is an emotion you can choose now.

Instead of focusing on the part of your life that isn’t working, focus on the parts that ARE. Choose happiness.

None of the above things bother us because we know as long as we are happy, blissful and following our soul, we will achieve the results that we want. There’s no pretending here. We just are who we are.

And if we give ourselves the false impression that life has to be PERFECT every step of the way there… that we can’t get unsubscribes or it means we are failing… that we earned less so it means something is wrong….seriously, if we give ourselves this false impression, we will fail to see the whole picture. The one the Universe is building up for us without our knowledge.

Maybe that unsubscribe was important to it’s plans. Maybe that month we earned less was to teach us an important lesson so we could move on.

All we know… is that you are NEVER in the wrong place. You’re just choosing to focus on all the wrong things – and that’s when the ego wins.

Turn it around… everything will change. You got this.


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