Yikes, we’ve all been there right? When you need the physical money to be here but it’s not, and at this point you literally are starting to believe you’re cursed because things just don’t work out on time for you?

Well you’re not cursed. And you might not actually like much that we have to say about this situation because your ego would love for you to not actually figure this out… but we’re going to say it anyway.

Now as you start reading this, take a deep breath, open up your mind, and see this is a fun activity that can change your life. You may choose to tweak things or do it differently, but no matter what it should feel good to you. This is how we did it, how we’re still doing it, but feel free to choose your own path.


When we refer to “needing the money”, we’re talking about covering your basic needs. (If you need to invest in a coach and don’t have the money, that’s one step above needs, we’ll get to that).

So let’s first cover your basic needs: food, water, car payments, electricity bills, rent… your real basic needs.

Basically the things that will keep you alive, and your house running nicely.

Calculate how much that will come to for you every month.

Ask yourself, am I able to earn this much every month? Am I being covered at least in this area?

If your answer is yes, you can set this aside.

If your answer is no, then we would make this our first goal. Why? Because when your basic needs are covered, you get to comfortably work on your dream business or job. You’re not sitting there worried about things at the back of your mind that contradict your good vibration and mess up your manifestation.

You’re probably feeling RELIEF right now, because deep down this is the thing you were most stressed about, but didn’t give yourself permission to make it a goal. We don’t blame you… we’re taught a lot in the law of attraction community to not think about debt.

Well this time, you’re FINALLY not thinking about it. You’re just choosing this number because it represents comfort for you. And you should have permission to do that. Imagine if you didn’t look at the problem at hand, and blindly continued on thinking of a huge goal that you didn’t actually believe.

When covering your basic needs becomes an automatic habit, now, you can move onto the next stage.


Now let’s look at next-level expenses. These are your business expenses, paying for your coaches, paying for anything you need to run your business such as your email software, team members etc.

Calculate how much all of this comes to every month. Now before you do anything else look closely at this list. Ask yourself if there’s anything you REALLY don’t need, and can figure out a way to do without… cross it off the list. Cancel the subscription, let that team member go, do what you have to do. How do you know it’s the right move? Chances are, you’ll feel a lot better when you cross it off that list, and that’s how you’ll know.

Once you’ve finalized this list, ask yourself, do I have enough to cover all of this? If not, this is your goal. Once you achieve this goal, now not only are your house expenses smoothly covered, so are your business expenses!


When you have any outstanding debt whether it’s student loans, credit cards, borrowed money from someone you owe… this is where you have to truly practice using the power of the mind to focus only on the good in your life.

It’s up to you if you wish to clear this debt before thinking about your actual true desires, but for us, we were able to shift our mind and clear it of all guilt and shame, and move onto manifesting desires after hitting the first two goals above.

Life is way too short to be worried about clearing outstanding debt before you truly live, in our opinion… so as long as we’re manifesting our desires we’re probably earning enough by then to clear these debts, so why not kill two birds with one stone? You get that vacation, and they get their money. Sounds SO much better.

But of course, as always, what makes you feel lighter and better won’t be the same as others. If it makes you feel BETTER to make your outstanding debt a goal, go ahead and do it… but we warn you: you’re likely going to feel bored and uninspired… because there’s nothing fun about earning to pay off debt. So this is totally your call.

We make our outstanding debt a pay-as-we-go thing… if one month we manifest a lot, we’ll ask, “Does it feel good to put 50% of this profit towards paying off some debt?” We listen for the answer and then we do it.

But there’s really no PRESSURE on us at all – the pressure only happens when you worry about what “they” think of you.


Now our other desires are wants… not really needs… and these other desires get REALLY easy to manifest when the top two are covered. And this one can be done simultaneously to clearing your outstanding debt as we described above.

With these desires, allow yourself to be patient. Find gratitude in the fact that your needs are covered everywhere else, and now, anything extra you earn is a bonus. Let these desires naturally fulfill themselves while you focus on good-feeling thoughts about money and visualize yourself achieving these desires. Choose one, figure out how much you need for it and go from there. Or, you can do what we do, and just choose to increase your monthly income so it will cover a few desires at once.

Once you’re at this point, now you just get to live and imagine the feeling of that monthly income or desire fulfilled… while relaxing and trusting, and acting when it feels good.


Now this is usually something that can only be done once your basic basic needs are covered. It gets even easier when business needs are covered.

This might sound blah to you, but let us tell you, we have a decently massive savings account because of this process.

 There are moments where we follow our hearts and just invest in something because we KNOW in our hearts it’s the right move… but 90% of the time, every penny is managed.

When you manage your money, you are showing your care and value for money. You are building a respecting relationship with it. So how do you manage your money? You setup a system where a % of your money goes into each category such as: needs, desires, savings. You can add how many ever you want, though these are the basic ones we use as not to constrict ourselves too much.


Let’s say you have a bill coming up that’s part of your basic or business needs… and you haven’t manifested the money to pay it. There’s only one thing to do: Relax.

Not kidding. Relax. Surrender.

Know, that some errors in your way of thinking brought it to this point, and as a result, you are in lack because that has been your dominant thought.

So just take responsibility and ownership that your thinking created these circumstances, and now, you’re going to get excited about making these changes.

Whatever happens in the mean time, let it. Just know in the end, you’ll be taken care of… it’s super scary to trust this much, you might even yell at us for all the things that happened initially that you didn’t like – but believe us, in a year from now you’ll know it was the best thing that could’ve happened to you. Fighting against what you’ve created won’t do anything. You simply have to shift your state of being and let your circumstances catch up.

Make the changes in your mind, by first deciding what your goal is based on what’s written above. Once you have your goal, practice patience with yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself, don’t force yourself to do anything, just go within. Disconnect from the world, and ask yourself if what you’re doing, in your job or business, is really what you desire to be doing?

Get honest here – it’s time. Take a few days to figure this out, and then, just take it one step at a time. Feel into each action, make sure it feels good and aligns with your purpose. Heck, reset your entire business if you have to, let go of old clients, clear your head, whatever it takes to make you feel more free. No one is judging you.

Refrain from trying to see how this will all come together. You don’t know and neither do we. There’s a bigger picture here. Just take the inspired action that shows up in the moment without needing to know what will come out of it.

Start practicing gratitude daily for what you DO have in your life, and start feeling 100% satisfied with what is. A person who does not feel abundant NOW, cannot receive abundance – ever. Practice changing the meaning of abundance from money, to everything that surrounds you. You’ll start to see these next few days how you were literally cutting yourself off from abundance.



Your subconscious is POWERFUL. If you say “I can’t afford it”, it takes you LITERALLY. It will do whatever it takes to make that statement TRUE.


Decide you have the thing you want, at least subconsciously. Say what you would say if you did have it… and then picture yourself taking the action of actually receiving that thing.

And then… RELEASE. Don’t over think it, don’t stress, don’t WORRY. Don’t meddle. Your subconscious knows what to do. Let it do it’s job.

Then… as you do this… the miracles will begin. Because you are now in harmony with the flow of the universe, the miracles will arrive. Bills will be paid, opportunities will show up, clients that owe you will pay. The Magic Begins.

All we ask from you, all the Universe asks from you – is patience. And staying present. This will be well worth it in the end.


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