In order to use the law of attraction to produce beautiful results in your life, it’s important to understand states of being.
A state of being refers to the current dominant frequency that you have chosen to experience. Understand that no one is actually poor, or rich, or smart, or healthy. Everyone has simply chosen an energetic state of being, that has now reflected itself appropriately in their environment – as it always does.

To say that someone IS a certain way, would make it false. Because everyone is just pure divine essence… including you.

You always were this pure divine essence and you always will be.

What you’re experiencing in your life today is simply just a state of being, a state of mind, that you have chosen.


The subconscious mind is extremely powerful. In fact… the subconscious mind isn’t even in your body. It’s the entire universe and beyond. Today, scientists are figuring out what ancient teachers knew years ago… that we aren’t even really in our bodies!

We are EXPERIENCING things in our body through an antenna that transfers information.

There have been studies done today, that you can actually pick up information from a person just by hovering a device above their head. That’s because we are constantly in communication with this Universe.

You, and when we say you we mean you as a soul, as divine essence, are simply the link between the physical body and the rest of the Universe.

This reality can fool you. But that’s the beauty of it. We don’t want to condemn this physical reality in any manner, because it allows us to experience such beautiful human emotions and sensations: love, sadness, faith, tears, touch.

However, the more aware we are that this reality is just a solidification of our dominant frequency, it will become easier to change things.

This reality will start to seem a lot more… fluid.

In order to truly change your state of being, you first have to become totally grateful and satisfied with your current state of being.

It is impossible to shift your attention to a new state if you still feel “unfinished” or “unresolved” with your current state.

Your current state of being is just what it is. And if you just allow it to be what it is, sooner or later, you’ll be able to shift your attention.

Once you shift your attention away naturally, without force, you’ll be able to think of a new state of being.

When you have reached the point of accepting a new state of being completely, you will start to feel a sincere gratitude towards life.

You will practice a lot more patience, knowing that things are unfolding in divine timing, and unlike everything you’ve learned, you don’t actually have to force things to take place.

You will begin to understand that true happiness is something you choose every moment, regardless of circumstances.

And last but not least, the most beautiful part of all: You start to believe that miracles are happening for you.

You will start to see “impossible” tasks as being so possible, because you now truly believe that anything and everything that needs to happen for you to receive what you want, WILL happen.

To a person run by logic, a situation will seem unbeatable. But to you, you know, that people can change their mind anytime. Things can sell anytime. Something is about to occur. A miracle is about to happen. Magic is about to take place.


Sit there with a mischievous smile on your face, like a little child that knows they’ve done something that others consider “naughty” or “unacceptable”, while you watch others complain about life.

Let others think whatever they want… you are allowed to sit there, with your very own personal relationship with this universe, knowing that you two made a deal, and it’s coming to help you.

You, and only you, can know how strong your bond with the Universe is.

You know in your heart, that you asked for your dream home, and no matter who claims that it’s sold/no longer available/blah blah… you know it’s yours. In divine timing, you know… it’s yours.

You know that even when clients reject you, your dream business is already yours. No matter how many people say no, you know deep in your heart, this is done for you.

You know, even when bills are due, that you are taken care of – it doesn’t matter what the outside looks like. It doesn’t matter if banks are blowing up your phone. None of it matters.

You and the Universe made a deal. It is done.


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