A game plan is the thing you decide to do when you’re ready. When you’re ready to go after your desires even if it means failing again. It’s that moment when you sit down and write out your goal, your plan, and everything you’re going to do to stay committed.

So why do we often fail to stay committed?

Ah, this question. If you ask a business or marketing coach, the answer would be yes. If you ask a manifestation coach (us)… the answer is: Maybe.

First of all, as you know, we don’t believe you’re SUPPOSED to do anything. There’s no one-track magic trick that will bring your result to you.

Your desires are usually manifested by a combination of just the right thoughts that lead to the right actions and opportunities at the right time.

The well-known, misunderstood word for this is luck. We call it deliberate manifestation.

The reason we say Maybe, is because sometimes, for certain goals, a game plan feels like an impossible task. So for us, we find it much easier, to create game plans for smaller, believable goals, holding the faith that somehow we will be led to achieve all the bigger ones in the process.

The best time to have a game plan is when you can fathom, or see the specifics of the situation.

A game plan, in our experience, is most inspiring when the following two conditions have been met:

1. We have healed ourselves to the point where we feel ready to do things differently, and having a committed game plan feels expansive (not forceful).

2. The game plan ELIMINATES pressure, not adds it on, by having a goal that is measurable (such as a sum of money), and that sum of money is one that we can BELIEVE is achievable in the time frame we have set.

These are the steps we used to create the perfect game plan for ourselves.

First of all, you really want to see this as a game. We avoid words like “challenge” or “To-Do List” because it doesn’t give us the happy feels (you can of course use whatever words help you).

So we chose game plan. This helps us stay detached, knowing this is just a game we’re playing and there is no pressure.

Now let’s create the perfect game plan for yourself (make sure you feel ready!)

1. Get out a notebook or a post-it note, something that you stick up somewhere you can see it all the time.

2. Name your game plan. If it’s a money game plan, you can steal our name: The $______ Game Plan. Put whatever number/clients/goal you want in there that you wish to achieve.

3. Allocate a time frame of when you wish to achieve this goal. On the bottom of the paper write “Thank you Thank you Thank you for this goal being achieved” and then write the future date.

4. Now, start filling in the steps. Close your eyes and truly go within and feel what the best next steps are for you right now. Remember, you’re not trying to do this big huge thing… you’re simply looking at where you are right now, and what you can do from this point. This includes Mindset activities (visualization, meditation, etc). You are creating your routine, one that you’re going to follow until the date you expect to receive your goal.

5. Once that is all filled out, pull out another paper, and at the top write “Tracking the $_______ Game.” This paper is for tracking your results as they arrive. This will help motivate you to keep going. On the bottom of this paper write the same thank you note as you wrote above and date it.

6. Put these papers somewhere that they come into your view everyday.

Accountability is a success insurance policy. In order to stop yourself from falling off the wagon, let’s get really honest about when, why and how you tend to distract yourself.

For us, our distraction comes from past fears sometimes. Fear of past failures sometimes stop us in our tracks. Sometimes we’re just not motivated. So because we’re aware of this, we can put a stop to it before we sabotage ourselves.

How? By holding ourselves accountable.

For the next 14 days or 30 days, or however long your Game Plan is for, you’re going to do a countdown. Counting down helps you stay motivated because it feels like you’re getting closer and closer to an end goal.

When you wake up in the morning, every morning, take out a notebook and write Day ______ at the top. (Remember we’re counting down so it’ll go Day 30, 29, 28 etc).

Then, write down everything you’re going to do that day. Put little check boxes next to them. Before you go to bed, check off what you completed and review your day. If your day went great, express gratitude, treat yourself, and commit to doing it again tomorrow. If you didn’t do so well, realize where and why you slipped, commit to doing better tomorrow, and then…. visualize your day as if it went perfectly. Yep. We’re going to throw in some reprogramming here. By visualizing bad days going well, we change the event energetically and create a greater chance that a good day will happen.

Now we are big believers that when you have a goal that you really really desire, you just kind of get up and do what you’ve set your mind to do.

But we also understand, that when you’re in a place of fear, or you’ve been stuck in the same cycle for so long, sometimes you need motivation to keep you going.

The best way to do this is to remember that you’re just playing a game, but the reward of this game is the fact that you are going to become a completely different person when this is over.

You will be a changed man/woman for good. Because you did something different. That means you must reap different rewards for a change.

To motivate ourselves during the day, we do a lot of reading. Books like Science of Getting Rich, Power of Awareness, The Magic… these help us remember the divine laws that we’re working with.

Having an accountability partner helps to. Feel free to join us inside our Facebook group and let us hold you accountable!

Your secret weapon is one that will guarantee your success if you do this consistently.

We have seen it work magic on our clients, and ourselves… and we truly believe this is the key to manifesting anything you want.

As you work on your game plan, make sure that you are stepping into the feeling of your wish fulfilled BEFORE EACH ACTION. That’s right. Before taking each action, imagine your desire fulfilled, and set the intention that this action will lead you right to it. After the action is complete. Thank the universe for co-creating with you.

It doesn’t matter where the action leads. The point is that you are directing your energy the right way, and the repetition of feeling into your desires will continue to reprogram you throughout the day.

This is our secret weapon. And now it’s yours.

We would love for you to share your game plan and journey with us, so scroll down and click on the Facebook Group image and come join us!

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