Now before we begin, know that there’s no right way to record a video or write a blog post. However, with that said, there is a particular way that resonates with you. Once you find that, everything in your business and life will change.

We’ve always seen writing content or recording videos as a part of self-expression. That’s what it’s meant for. Unfortunately a lot of people today are blinded by marketing tactics alone, and create content not for themselves or others, but for sales.

Content is deemed as not good enough if it didn’t result in a sale, or accomplish the goal you had set for it. That is totally untrue – because as much as content can indirectly help you do that, that shouldn’t be the direct expectation of it.

Because believe us, your content will miss the mark with engagement AND sales if it comes from that state of being.


Understand, that you have absolutely no idea who is reading your content, on what platform, and how they even found you. Marketers put a lot of their effort into trying to find the answers to exactly that. But here, in our magical world of manifestation, those answers are not important.

The real question is: How did you feel when you created each piece of content?

If you don’t remember, you can simply go back and look at that piece of content again, and you’ll either be like “Wow that’s really good” or “Man what was I thinking?”

We always have a lot of people find us through many different avenues, and some people will name videos that we did years ago, or events that we attended a while go, ones we had totally forgotten about.

You never know how your content is making an impact on people. When you set the intention behind each piece of content, that piece of content will go out there and bring to you that very same energy.

I remember when we created a “How To Manifest Through Relaxation” video on YouTube, and we actually received a message that this video helped someone relieve their anxiety because they have trouble sleeping at night, and that they are going to watch it every single day.

These are the intentions we set behind what we put out there – it’s much more powerful than intending to bring in sales from it.


Because your content is heart-aligned and magnetized to positive high energy, it will attract ideal clients to you.

Ideal clients are those who feel magnetically drawn to your work. They are those who feel like you understand them so well, and what you’re going through is exactly what they’re going through.

How do you know if someone is an ideal client? Usually they will stick around and continue to re-invest with you for a time (or forever). It’s a relationship that you built by putting out content that reached their heart.

And usually, based on our experience, ideal clients tend to arrive unexpectedly, and pop in via message or chat or email, when you least expect it, because they can’t even wait to finish going through your marketing funnel. They’re just dying to work with you.


The first step is to release the voices in your head and make sure the content is coming from YOU. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have good content if you haven’t produced results yet, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Where you are is exactly the right place to start sharing your journey. Because there are others where you are too. And the content that attracts ideal clients are those that come from a heart that has fallen, and learned… NOT the perfectionist.

People can’t relate to a perfectionist. They can relate to someone who’s overcome a tough time, and is TRULY TRULY happy in life. Because you have now connected to their problem, and you have also found a solution. That solution doesn’t need to be the ultimate answer either. It’s simply the answer you have now.

Remember, the answer you have now, is perfect for where you are now. And this answer may change a year from now. And that’s okay too. We had very different answers two years ago than we do right now. And all of it is okay.

It was our journey and ours alone. And those who came along for the ride got results either way. Because both answers were genuine.


The heart-aligned content will come through to you when you get into the present moment. When you are willing to look and accept where you are now without shame. If you are living in the past, where you succeeded once upon a time a long time ago, and you think repeating that same success story will help you until you succeed again – think again.

Living in the past will give you old content. Where you are now, in whatever state you are now, will give you new content.

Content that can help you move forward NOW.

The right content comes through at the right time. It cannot be forced. So we don’t like to keep schedules of when to post stuff – we just kind of do when we feel good about it.


I had a done a full blown reset on our instagram content because we shifted into a new state of being. And I committed that this time every graphic and IG story was going to be beautiful. So I started creating proper images on canva for the stories. And one day, without thinking about it, I started posting those IG story photos on Facebook.

They became an instant hit. They spoke to people’s hearts, it caught their attention. I could never have planned that those images would create more organic engagement than we had ever seen… but I guess it was the right move.

So it’s important not to judge what would work or not based on what you see around you. Just do the thing that feels good to you. It’s so important to be proud of what you’re putting out no matter what the response.

When I look at each thing I’ve written, each podcast I’ve done… I feel so good. I feel pride, and my heart knows that this will help who it needs to. As a result, I attract the exact people to me that need me to be ME. Just me. Totally myself.

This creates the easiest and most magical coach-client relationship in the world. Because it was natural on both ends. I didn’t force-create any content just to sell them; if I did, we would have a terrible relationship moving forward. Just follow your heart… it won’t lead you astray.

Drop the shame of what people will think about you, and speak your truth. You will finally feel proud of what’s coming out of you – because it will be YOURS. And only yours.

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