We all have a ton of magic dust within us, just waiting to shower the world with it’s amazing energy. It’s a little different from Tinkerbell’s pixie dust, and Cinderella’s fairy God mother’s wand… but it’s just as powerful.
Your magic dust can light up this world. It’s the thing that brings a smile to the faces of every person you come across: whether they opened the door for you at a store, or pulled out your chair for you in a restaurant.

This dust can also shower the things that you have received so that you receive even more of them, and it keeps you connected to the source of energy that brings all the gifts and riches to you.

That’s right, this magic dust is none other than gratitude.

Before you write this off as another “be grateful” post, hear us out. Because without understanding the depth about this concept, you will always feel like something is missing in your life – no matter how much money you have.


It didn’t matter where we lived, what car we drove, what our income was… there was just something about life that made us excited every single day. You wouldn’t have heard a single complaint about anything come out of our mouths… and the result of that was, every single thing we asked for came at such speed, and in such amazing ways, it was like watching a fairy tale unfold.


All of a sudden, a slew of rejections, limited sales, and losing family members hit us like a ton of bricks.

And we knew in our hearts that this was the perfect moment to practice what we preached – but it was hard.

All of a sudden we started expecting the worst and we didn’t even realize it. We knew this was a lesson, something that’s happening so that we can grow from this, and our entire life would change – but waiting for that change was a nightmare.


We’re not supposed to be waiting for that change – this IS the change. This IS the lesson. That we’re supposed to be GRATEFUL for everything no matter what.

We sat back and realized how we had stepped so far away from our magic dust, and we stopped using it. We stopped sprinkling it on everything, and as a result, all the magic was dying in our world.

So we created a gratitude challenge. That we were going to go back to being those two kids who looked at everything through the eyes of magic.

And today, we’ll be the first to tell you: life has never been better.

Waking up everyday feels like such a gift; this business, gives us so much joy because it’s our own and no one else’s.

How could riches and happiness not bloom in an environment like that? Of course they can, and they are.

Your key is your magic dust. Sprinkle it on everything and everyone. When you can actually see things as “working” instead of “it’s not working” you will be led to your soul’s work – because you’ll be ready for it.

And then, you will have unlocked the magic in your world.

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