I had a message come through today that I felt like I needed to share with you. This is coming to me after my three and a half year journey in this personal development industry… and I finally understand where we’ve gone wrong.
There was a time when I raced to a book or video to find the answers I was looking for – hoping to mask the pain or anxiety that I was feeling.

These things were like temporary band-aids, and because they seemed to work for me, they seemed to work for clients. And for a time, everyone was happy. Or so we thought.

However, today, I realize, that instead of sending you off in search of another book or video, I want to show you the real key to being in the naturally high-vibe state you already are.

And that key, is to remove all your resistance of WHY it’s not possible to be there.

The idea of a naturally high-vibe state itself is such a massive resistance because we are so used to instant gratification; so used to having something or someone on the outside be the source of our cure, while we run from ourselves.

As much as we want a naturally high-vibe state, we are stopping ourselves from that very thing by seeking answers on the outside.

You were born in a perfect state – all your emotions are perfect. You are not meant to force them to change. You are just meant to go within and realize that once you accept this idea that you already are perfect, you snap all your emotions back into perfect equilibrium.

An angry person suddenly becomes calm through no force. An anxious person suddenly becomes hopeful. A fearful person suddenly becomes trusting.

So you see, it’s not the thing you want that you need to go after – because all that you desire is already yours. It’s the thing, the emotion, the resistance stopping you from it, that you need to take a closer look at.

It’s a much easier process – but we avoid it because it may be painful. But – if you become okay with the pain, be there for it, love it… all of a sudden you’re free.

No one can tell you that you’re wrong for feeling low-vibe. No one can tell you that you need to snap out of it. You’re not supposed to feel better until you let yourself feel what you’re feeling. Which is why it persists.

Take this message today, and just be with yourself. Awaken the power within you.

Like Carl Jung once said: Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

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