Resistance is the thing that stops us from maintaining the right emotions to manifest. It’s the part of us that says “no” to our desires because it doesn’t believe it can have/deserve it.


Resistance is a pretty simple thing to identify, because it’s the part of you that feels like it doesn’t want to accept your desire – usually out of fear. When you are focusing on the feeling of your wish fulfilled, your resistance is the battle within you, usually one of fear and anxiety.

This resistance is created by ego, because ego lives only in the past. It loses it’s identity in the present moment. And because it doesn’t wish to surrender to the moment, it creates past trauma to distract you so you can continue feeding it.

Your resistance is never something to run away from. It’s simply something to shift away from in a way that not only takes you into the right emotion, but also stops the battle within you.


My kickboxing trainer once told me that in order to achieve my results quickly, I needed to “stop thinking and just keep doing what I’m doing.” Today, while doing my morning mindset rituals, this thought appeared in my mind, and I realized it was exactly what I needed to hear.

We have trouble thinking that we’re doing things right because there are way more things in our lives today that remind us that we’re NOT where we want to be. More so today than ever before, thanks to social media.

There are people who we are wanting to be like, there are others who bring us down, there are contradicting messages.

So it gets really hard to be SURE of ourselves. Because so many things are telling us to do it differently.


If only we can just keep doing what we’re doing as long as it feels good to us, and not think about anything else. What if we decide that for x amount of time (so we remove overwhelm), we decide to just focus on what we’re doing and do it with all our heart.

And once that amount of time has passed, we re-evaluate and see what our results are.

The biggest resistance that people have when manifesting is impatience. It causes us to want things NOW, because we haven’t made peace with what is. And when we finally make peace with what is and begin to reprogram ourselves for a better future, the ego will continue to make us feel that the future is always better than the present. And THIS, is where we must FOLLOW THROUGH and give ourselves a time frame where we don’t THINK – we just be, and do what we said we would.


I promise you, if you take this piece of advice and run with it, and just let yourself prove it to yourself that this works, you will see evidence happen FAST. But don’t do it because it will be fast. Do it to be a better person. Remember, don’t let your ego fool you into believing that the future is better than your now.

Why? Because you can’t create in the future. Your present moment is your biggest gift.

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