Naveed & Sonika have been working in the personal development industry since 2015.

They began their journey under the wing of one of the most phenomenal teachers in human potential: Bob Proctor.

After two years of massive success, hundreds of clients, a 1000% increase in business, achieving Amazon best-seller status, and hitting their multiple six-figure mark, they set off to create a business on their own, that fueled their soul.

Luxuriously Rich was born in 2019, a movement that emphasizes every single person’s RIGHT to be RICH. They teach you how to attract riches through scientific universal laws, and powerful manifestation techniques that have created thousands of dollars for their clients in just a few months.

They have worked with entrepreneurs, coaches, makeup artists, YouTubers, real estate agents, doctors, healers, teachers, authors, children, marketers and employees, helping them truly step into their bliss and create a fulfilling life in all areas.