Client Testimonials

I grew up thinking everything needed to be difficult. That’s just the way it is and has to be. I’ve had many mentors and coaches before Naveed & Sonika and I always believed I can only be successful in 5-10 years. It’s just the way it is.

When I met Sonika, I saw how easy it was for her and Naveed to manifest what they want. Just talking to them feels so aligned. It feels right. It feels pure flow. I knew right then and there that I had to stick with them no matter what!

Two days after one of our sessions I’ve manifested US$10k. 90 days into our coaching, from $5k (or less) months, I’ve manifested US $20k in a single month!

Now that I’ve been with them for almost 2 years, my business just got even more sophisticated! High End! Most importantly, it has become a business that I love! Everything in my life changed including personal life. I love who I’ve become! They’re there when I need them and they say the best advice you need at that moment! I respond differently now and this helps me manifest even more success in all aspects of life!

I could probably go on and on… but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. Right now, I’m just super excited to move forward in this journey having them by my side!

Charm Fernandez

Marketing & Development Agency, SophisTECHation Marketing & Developments Co.,

Working with Sonika and Naveed in their Money Mastermind program was one of the BEST decisions I made in 2018! I gained so much from their program! They really teach from the heart and what I love about this power couple is that they LIVE what they teach.

Thank you Naveed and Sonika !!! What you guys teach is so real! I came into this program with a business that I was JUST getting started! I had so many fears and doubts to work through! It took me an ENTIRE month after joining this program to finally take the leap! I have not done any massive marketing. I just do what feels right. I have no website, no previous results, etc.

The one thing that has stuck with me is when Naveed and Sonika talk about getting your energy behind what you’re doing. That’s all I’ve been focusing on along with taken inspired action. I set the intention last week to have a my first 1k client! And it happened TODAY less than one week later! This is the first of many! I know I’m quiet but I take in EVERYTHING. Thank you ALL so very much! I highly recommend doing whatever you can to work with them. Your life will be changed forever!

Yolanda Battle

Battleworld Marketing

I really don’t want this to end! I have loved being apart of this MM with all you wonderful people. A massive thanks to Naveed and Sonika for this incredible experience. I have to say it has been one of the best things to happen to me and I’m a completely different today to the one I was when we first began! 

Kate Robson

Life Coach

One of the best decision I made in my life was when I chose Sonika and Naveed as my mentors, I had the opportunity to work with them in the Mastermind group.

They opened the door for my next level in life. They were the missing piece for my self development process. Thank you!

Heidy Or-Lo

Yayyyy – finally the drought has ended! Just signed a new 3.5k client, 1k down payment received!

Jennifer Grace

The Law of Attraction helped me attract Naveed and Sonika at the right time or rather ‘divine time’ when I was energetically aligned to learn from the masters of manifestations.

Initially, I thought that I wanted to ‘set up a business and earn thousands of dollars’ which later I realized was not my primary goal. Deep down I have always wanted to get in touch with my inner world or the higher self. I wanted to know more about what everybody in the world means when they talk about the law of attraction.

Naveed Asif is just extraordinary at explaining the paradigms and how the Subconscious mind works! Ever since Sonika Madarasmi Asif started making videos, I related so much to the way she expressed her insights on manifestation! I never felt so alive and aware before listening to her explanations.

I do need a telescope to look where I was 6 months back intellectually and spiritually! Damn, I don’t even relate to the old version anymore!

I grew so much in my level of awareness. I feel alive, aligned and energetic as my faith in ‘doing what feels good’ increased. Now I’m all confident and ready to work with individuals who are my high paying dream clients!

I look forward to being coached on a personal level by them. I’m very grateful! Thank you thank you thank you! Yash Sonar

Law of Attraction Mentor & Life Coach

When I started my Virtual Assistant business, I was all over the place, I didn’t know where start and how to get clients. I didn’t have the right mindset of being an online entrepreneur. My mind was still thinking that being an employee is the easiest way and the only way that I can earn money. 

But everything was changed when Naveed and Sonika have been introduced to me, I felt right away that they are different, they gave great advises and I definitely wanted to be around them to get the positive energy they posses. After listening to Sonika’s webinar inside her FB Group, I decided that YES I want them show me how I can make myself better, how I can change my thinking and be in a place that I want for myself and my family.

When I joined their Thinking Into Results Program, I felt right away that this is what I need, I need to be kept reminded that I need this mindset to change and attain the goal that I set for my life. I need to have a mindset that is consistently positive and attracts good things from the universe. Naveed & Sonika, and the TIR program have helped me to get this mindset and continue attract abundance into my business. I have gained confidence with what I do, and always think positively to the direction I want to go.

Because of that I attracted more clients each month, earned twice as much as my 9-5 job and the best part was able to raise my package by end of the year. Today, I still go back to the materials so I can keep my mindset aligned and always let the universe work on what I truly want for my life. Naveed and Sonika have been so amazing in sharing the knowledge they have.

I am grateful that I’ve become part of their program, I love being part of their community and continue to learn from their teachings!! Kimberly Elman

Virtual Assistant, Kage Digital Desk

I want to express my immense gratitude for Naveed and Sonika’s dedication and commitment since joining their program. Before I signed up for the program, I was a struggling mum who lacked confidence, self-worth, clarity and a sense of purpose. I was suffering severe anxiety and post natal depression and didn’t find fulfilment in the network marketing business I was in. Even though I implemented some self help books I did not get the desired results.

I remember seeing Naveed and Sonika’s ad several times and I felt compelled to call them. Their message resonated with me deeply. The moment I made the call my ‘instinct’ (intuition) told me to sign up without questioning how I was going to pay for it. I found a way and this was the best decision I made. The content of the program was MINDBLOWING and I was captivated. Something shifted inside me.

Naveed and Sonika are super responsive when I have a question and they genuinely care for their clients results. They work with you on a personal level. What I admire the most is they walk the talk! Since being a member of their program I have built on my confidence, managed anxiety and been a healthy mother to my children.

Most importantly I found my souls purpose after searching for 8 tough years! I am now on a journey to help other women like me overcome personal challenges and become the best version of themselves. Naveed and Sonika will remain my mentors for life. I am so grateful to be part of their coaching and I have more to learn and ever evolve. Nadia Ahmed

Empowerment Coach For Women, Nadia Ahmed | Power Passion Presence

I’m so happy and grateful that I made two sales this week and earned two new clients! I’ve also created partnership alliances to begin attracting more of my ideal clients to me! I’m looking forward to becoming a rockstar business woman! Thank you Naveed & Sonika!! Cheryl Moy

Insurance Consultant, Total Health Care

I’ve been working with Naveed for just over three weeks now and already my whole life has done a complete turnaround.  Today, in one day, I earned more money than I used to in one month. I am eternally grateful for his help, do what he says and your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. I’ve earned over $35,000 NZD in my first month of working with them. James O'Meeghan


I went from a 16 year teaching career to international best seller in less than a year with the help of mentors, sponsors, publishers, editors, designers, and reputable people in the book world  who endorsed The Cappuccino Chronicles series; including a former anchor from CNN and CNBC as well as a NY Times best selling author.  Without a highly supportive team, my dream of becoming a published author would have never come to fruition.I finally have discovered how to make it all happen.

I met Sonika and Naveed who helped me too see that time is an illusion and magic happens when you actually believe. They were one of the first people who made me see that everything around me was a manifestation of what I was thinking. So I shifted my mindset and decided to go with a route that made sense in my imagination and it was magic fusing with reality. My soul was telling me to pursue my dreams of becoming a writer and to just go for it. I remember Naveed telling me to take the leap and not worry about my outside circumstances and through writing my books, other avenues would open up for me. And they sure did.

When I left my job I was taking a big risk. And Sonika was there to tell me to keep a check on my frequency and thoughts. When she asked “what do you really want?” I said I wanted to help other writers see that taking the opportunity to write was a fruitful endeavor. So, I left the past behind and launched The Cappuccino Chronicles Online Author’s Office, which was the brainchild of a team of like minded individuals who want to help aspiring authors to write and get published.

My philosophy is , If I can do it, so can anyone. Becoming an international best seller is a dream come true and I have Sonika and Naveed to thank for helping to guide me through the process.  I am traveling around the world with my book and work and sincerely feeling the “international sensation.” This dynamic duo gave me the fire to pursue my life long dream to write, and become a business woman assisting other authors soar. Thank you dynamic duo! You rock!!!

Pashmina Reis De Souza

International Best-Selling Author & Writing Mentor, The Cappuccino Chronicles

OMG! Naveed & Sonika are the best of the best! They don’t hold anything back, always give it ALL, and are completely honest, knowledgeable and out of this world people. Since working with them I finally took the decision to face, release and heal what’s been holding me back and embrace myself fully. I could go on and on; however, there are relations, people, events, etc that words and logic can’t explain. I recommend them at a soul level.
**This client has chosen to remain anonymous**

OMG Sonika!!! You won’t believe this!!! Then again, knowing what you know & teach, you probably won’t even be surprised!

…drumroll please because this REALLY deserves a drumroll…

We just attracted (brace yourself!!) £1 frickin’ Million!!! Seriously! I still remember Naveed saying ‘you can attract money out of nothing or nowhere!’ & tada!!! We did it! We frickin’ did it! It’s true, we get what we believe!!! Thank you for lending me your belief so I too could believe! This is just the beginning, I know it! Thank you Thank you Thank you both for your guidance! P.S. We’ll be purchasing our dream home with this, you’re very welcome to visit us anytime!

**This client has chosen to remain anonymous**

Naveed and Sonika have changed my life 10 times over and they’re still doing it!
My journey with money mindset started in undergrad when I wrote my BA Thesis on Limiting Money Beliefs. Since then I have worked with and studied other teachings on Money Mindset, but none of them have been able to get to the deepest root issues and teach money mindset in relation to the laws of the universe, law of attraction like Naveed and Sonika have. They get you to understand the deepest root of our money blocks AND show you how to change them with continuous dedicated support. I have found my life long coaches right here because I know my growth is infinite working with them. They are true spiritual warriors in human form! Jen Wah

Spiritual Life Coach, Jen Wah Intuition

I’m not even a paid client (yet!) and the amount of value and growth I have experienced just by being in Sonika and Naveed’s energy has been truly amazing!

The laws all finally make sense and I am truly starting to see the results of finally gaining this higher understanding.

They are both so quick to answer your questions regardless of whether you are a paid client or not. I’m pretty sure I owe them about 2 hours of coaching just on all the time they’ve spent answering my questions in the last 2 weeks.

I couldn’t recommend learning from them more and am excited about taking the next step to work with them.

These are real people who know what they are talking about!

Thank you so much both!

Rushani Mahendran

Naveed and Sonika are truly in a class all of their own, and there are reasons for this. They are real and down to earth. This couple welcomes you into their life and they’re honest about their trials and successes. What hasn’t worked, and what they did to turn things around. They don’t keep anything hidden. Also, whenever I have a question, or issue they’re quick to respond and break it down in a way that you really understand and grasp it so you can move forward. They don’t leave anyone in the dust!

I would also like to add that I just recently enrolled into their Evolve Into Abundance course. This course is absolutely amazing and we’re only half way through it. I can’t wait for the rest of the course and I look forward to what they will teach. It is truly phenomenal !! I know that this review only allows me to rate them a 5 star, but I can honestly say that they’re way beyond that !!
Mary Ann Furda

Naveed and Sonika are angels!!! They do this from their heart!!! Which I’m still learning how to do!!! They aren’t even of this world with how effortlessly they have tapped into their power! I soak up every word! And I love the feeling that I get from their energy!!!! I feel I HAVE to talk to Sonika everyday so I don’t lose focus! She’s a natural high! I’m still making efforts to “easily” manifest the money to be coached by her!!! I feel all this and I haven’t even had the chance yet to be 1:1 coached, but I’ve been grateful to have been able to purchase one of the smaller bundles! I keep rewatching the videos until something in me clicks or my paradigms shift! Maya J Stephens

Sonika and Naveed provide you with simple steps to help you make big changes in your life. Do not allow their young age to mislead you, these two individuals are beyond their years in wisdom. They are on a mission to make a difference on this planet and share this wonderful information with as many people as they can. Bob Proctor

World Renowned Teacher | Speaker | Expert On Human Potential, Proctor Gallagher Institute

Sonika and Naveed didn’t achieve their dreams by happenstance. They did it by understanding and living in harmony with Universal Laws. Naveed and Sonika not only share their stories, they share the ideas and principles that have gotten them where they are today. Sandra Gallagher

Co-Founder | Expert on Human Potential, Proctor Gallagher Institute