Are you ready to re-align with your soul’s purpose and desires?

It’s getting increasingly harder for us to hear the voice our heart and soul in today’s world.

With technology that is literally designed to scatter our focus, we don’t even know whether the voices in our head are our own… or someone else’s that we have taken in from a long time ago.

This creates a lot of confusion and overwhelm.

We’re always running after the next best method and strategy, not realizing that that isn’t the answer and never will be. Your soul already knows what’s next.

Are you ready to tune in?

We’re Naveed & Sonika, and we’re so honored and excited that you’re here! If you’re looking to create a life and business full of love, alignment and abundance then you’re in the right place!

Manifestation Magic was built on the idea of a magical universe. A place where your imagination truly takes on the tone of reality, a place where you are worthy just by being true to who you are. You are always safe to be you, and you can find abundance and joy by following your heart – always.


This 60-minute Revive Your Soul session will help you de-clutter your mind and truly find your voice.

We will help you let go of stories and limitations you have created in your mind, and lead you to a space of freedom.

We will discuss the power of manifestation, answer your questions and help you get back in touch with the divine essence that you really are.

We will discuss your purpose, and your business to find out if you are in true alignment with your desires.

We will wrap up the session by introducing you to a de-cluttering process that we have created to help you hear your heart’s voice in a super crystal-clear way.

When you are able to tune into this voice, it can then lead you to simple, natural next steps, that translate into massive quantum leaps – no struggle required!




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